Friday, December 14, 2012


The Dickens Project is Open ... the gates are wide and we are ready for guests:
~ TODAY (Friday): The Inaugural Reading will be at 2pm - Caledonia Skytower will be reading one of Dickens' many Short Stories Live in Voice in the Square.
~ TOMORROW (Saturday): The Avatar Repertory Theater will present Ada Radius' adaptation of A Christmas Carol at 5pm.

All times SLT, All performances Live in Voice. Stop in and check it out, and then come back, as you never know what we might add or adjust!

The Dickens Project is free, donations accepted to benefit the Community Virtual Library.

How Cool is THAT?!  Thank you Phoenix/Firestorm!


  1. This Saturday (Dec, 15th) the RL Dickens Fest will be in Deventer Netherlands. In this event people will dress up like in stories of Charles Dickens. This year it will be special because its 200 years ago that Charles Dickens has been born and we celebrate it with some special made dolls that will be telling his stories.

    It is very nice to see that people like to tell his stories also in Second Life. And I hope this event will be back every Year like in Deventer.
    There is a movie to give an impression about the fest in Deventer.

  2. People Love the works of Charles Dickens, Angela, and celebrate his amazing legacy all over the world. Wonderful to see the festival in the Netherlands. Thank you for sharing it and for your lovely, encouraging comment!