Tuesday, December 25, 2012

WEDNESDAY, Dec 26th - Other Dickens Day!

Charles Dickens wrote more than A Christmas Carol (*GASP!!!*). In a literary career that spanned more than three decades, he penned 20 novels, nearly 30 short stories, 12 collaborative projects, and a handful of non-Fiction, Poetry, Plays, Articles, and Essays.  If that seems incredible, play this fun video clip and have a chuckle ...

Before The Dickens Project *poofs* into the virtual mists, we would be remiss if we did  not take a moment to celebrate some of those other works.   We have some great selections prepared to share today.  So spend your holiday recovery day with us, have a toddy and enjoy.

Welcome to Other Dickens Day!
     @ 10am: Caledonia Skytower & Elegia Underwood with Oliver Twist & David Copperfield
     @ Noon: Klannex Northmead with a selection from Little Dorrit
     @ 2pm: Dubhna Rhiadra with a selection from the Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens
     @ 4pm: Caledonia Skytower with a selection from Great Expectations

All times slt.  All sessions live in voice.

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