Saturday, December 22, 2012

THIS WEEK at The Dickens Project!

Kayden Oconnell presenting  Stave Three of "A Christmas Carol" on 12.19
As we make the clubhouse turn into the last days of our celebration, there are still many delights to enjoy!

Saturday, December 22nd - @ 8:30pm - Dickens Late Night with Caledonia - she'll read to whomever desires it ... "A Christmas Carol", bits of "Oliver Twist", some Christmas Short Stories ... Who knows?  Come and find out!
Sunday, December 23rd - @3pm: Caledonia Skytower A Christmas Carol (120 minutes- 1st half of novella)

Monday, December 24th - @3pm: Caledonia Skytower A Christmas Carol (120 minutes- 2nd half of novella)

Tuesday, December 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY

Wednesday, December 26th - OTHER DICKENS!
     @ 10am: Caledonia Skytower & Elegia Underwood with Oliver Twist & David Copperfield
     @ Noon: Klannex Northmead with a selection from Little Dorrit
     @ 2pm: Dubhna Rhiadra with a selection from the Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens
     @ 4pm: Caledonia Skytower with a selection from Great Expectations

Thursday, December 27th - Closing Day - "Alternate Versions Presentations" TBA
Another lovely photo of the A.R.T. performance at The Dickens Project shared by Elin Vondran

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