Thursday, December 27, 2012


Guests, Performers, Supporters!  Thank you for your enthusiasm for The Dickens Project. To Abbey Zenith, Rocky Vallejo and Rolig Loon of the CVL for the space and prims to do our voodoo for the celebration of the works of Charles Dickens.  Thanks one and all for your many generous donations to The Community Virtual Library.

A Final Round of APPLAUSE for the folks who brought The Dickens Project to life ....

Corwyn Allen

Dubhna Rhiadra

Ixmal Supermarine
Kayden Oconnell

Elrik Merlin

Klannex Northmead

The Avatar Repertory Theater
An Extra Special Thanks to Talus Ravenheart for her support, and to Stranger Nightfire who kept me company through several late night building/programming sessions as well as showed up brilliantly dressed at nearly all the sessions.  Thank you my Dears.

All My Thanks to Everyone ...*crosses fingers* .... See you Next Year!
Caledonia Skytower

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