Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Soon it will be time again to gather round the crackling fire as the air crisps with Autumn, and tell ghosty-ghouly tales.  We'll gather at Bran on October 19th for the 4th Annual BOOfest.

Submissions for story presentations will be accepted for 30 minute time slots.  Some 60 minute slots will be available, and we request those who are interested to claim a 30 minute slot first, and indicate that they would be interested in 60 minutes if one is available.  Our primary goal is to involve as many different storytellers as are interested in participating, to provide the broadest selection of stories & voices for our audience. Literature Readings, Traditional Telling, and Original Works are all accepted.  No "Adult" material, please.

Tentatively, stories will begin at 10am SLT and conclude at 5pm SLT, but that may be subject to change.  Story presentations must be live, not pre-recorded.  Those interested in Presenting should contact Caledonia Skytower or Dubhna Rhiadra in world via notecard (PLEASE!).

Include the following information in your notecard:

    ~ Your name. Whether you are performing solo or with others (please include their names),

    ~ The piece you intend to present if you know it (not required till we actually get to October).

    ~ Time of day preference or any time constraints we need to consider when scheduling you.

    ~ The size time slot you need (Are you interested in a 60 minute time slot if the schedule can accommodate it?)

As with StoryFest, there will be no stream available, and limited rezzing.  Just your voice in the dark . . . Mwwwwahahahahahahahaah!

Submissions to present will be accepted through the end of the Virtual Day on October 10th.

THIS YEAR, BOOFest will be held at The Lavender Fields and 100% of tips will go to benefit Feed-A-Smile Kenya! Check out this Episode of The Drax Files: World Makers to learn more about them:

BOOFest is presented by StoryFest Events, Branwen Arts, and Seanchai Library