Sunday, December 16, 2012

THIS WEEK at The Dickens Project!

It's the week we go Stave by Stave and savor the rich language and many delights to be found in Dickens' first Christmas Classic, A Christmas Carol. Each of the individual Stave readings should be between 30 & 40 minutes in length.

Monday, December 17th - Stave One ~ Marley's Ghost
                                    @ Noon: with Ixmal Supermarine
                                    @ 4:00pm: with Corwyn Allen

Tuesday, December 18th -  Stave Two ~ The First of Three Spirits
                                    @ Noon: with Dubhna Rhiadra
                                    @ 5:00pm: with Brokali

Wednesday, December 19th - Stave Three ~ The Second of Three Spirits
                                    @ Noon: with  Ixmal Supermarine
                                    @ 5:00pm: with Kayden Oconnell

Thursday, December 20th - Stave Four ~ The Last of The Spirits
                                    @ Noon: with Dubhna Rhiadra
                                    @ 3:30pm: Avatar Repertory Theatre presentation (rescheduled)

Friday, December 21st - Stave Five ~ The End of It
                                    @ Noon: with Elrik Merlin
                                    @ 4:00pm: with Caledonia Skytower (Staves Four & Five together)
                                    (TBA a possible later presentation ~ stay tuned~!)

Photo of the A.R.T. performance shared by Elin
When Dickens’ publishers required him to pay back advances due to the poor sales of Martin Chuzzlewit, he knew he needed some other means of income. At that point in his career, 1843, Dickens was doing well, but had not reached a level of financial security that would allow him to go for a stretch of time without income. So Dickens “decided to throw off" a complete Christmas book in the intervals of writing the monthly serial parts of Chuzzlewit. In an era when an author’s manuscript was published and available to the public in much shorter times than the 21st Century, A Christmas Carol went on sale in December and was a tremendous success.

Merrytricks Resident also took some great shots around the Project on Saturday, which she has posted in the Web tab of her Profile, and she openly invites folks to look, like, and comment.

Have you taken some great snaps at The Dickens Project?  Feel free to share!  Send them, or links to them, to Caledonia Skytower.

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