Saturday, August 18, 2012


Crap Mariner IS "The Prim Reaper"!!!
Whew!  Who would have imagined that we'd actually have been on time and ahead of schedule!  BOTH DAYS!  Thanks to all of today's performers and thanks tot he great audience.  Over L$5800 in donation to War Child North America from our efforts during this great weekend!  Thanks one and all for the support and the fabulous time!  
Enjoy these photos of BARD courtesy of  BEAR SILVERSHADE
And here are some great shots by CRAP MARINER

BOOFest '12 is coming up soon!  Call for Presenters will post here on September 3rd and be available in world in notecard form from Stories Unlimited! and through Caledonia Skytower and Dubhna Rhiadra.  be sure and check back!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BARD ON THE BEACH '12:Schedule

Saturday, August 18th – 3pm to 4:30pm:
·        Welcome and Intro: Caledonia Skytower
·        “If You’ve Ever Said”: Corwyn Allen
·        "Anatomy of a Murder or, the Macbeths at Home": Madame Thespian Underhill as “Lady MacBeth” & Joff Fassnacht as “MacBeth”
·        Sonnets! Sonnets! : Klannex Northmead
·         “As You Like It” - Act I, Scene 3: Dubhna Rhiadra, Lycanthia Wolfhunter, & BigRed Coyote
·        “The Tempest” – Prospero : Corwyn Allen
·        The Prim Reaper  Presents Shakespeare’s Sonnets: Crap Mariner
·        Ariel’s Song from “The Tempest” : Singh Albatros

Sunday, August 19th – Noon to 1:30pm:
·        Welcome and Intro: Caledonia Skytower
·        “The Tempest” – Caliban: Corwyn Allen
·        100W Shakespearean Stories “Keep It Brief” – Crap Mariner
·        Portia and Her Suitors from “The Merchant of Venice: Derry MacMahon & Bear Silvershade
·        “A Shakespearean Romance”: Sonnet and Story: Ludo Merit
·        “Twelfth Night” Viola & Feste the Clown from Act II, Scene 1: Caledonia Skytower & Crap Mariner
·        More Sonnets!  More Sonnets!: Klannex Northmead
·        “Richard III” Act I, Scene 2: Caledonia Skytower & Corwyn Allen

All times SLT and everything subject to change.
The Festival takes place, once more, on the scenic sands of Mango in the Fruit Islands

Tips from this year's BARD will benefit War Child North America
War Child strives to empower children and young people to flourish within their communities and overcome the challenges of living with, and recovering from, conflict. To achieve this, War Child works collaboratively with those communities to increase access to education, overcome the obstacles of poverty and create a protective environment for the rights of children and youth.  The ultimate goal of War Child is that someday we will live in a world where no child knows war. 

There is no obligation to tip at BARD.  It is offered freely to the SL Community.  All tips received will be forwarded to War Child through the West Of Ireland in SL, which collects and forwards donations to the charity monthly. Donations go directly to the charity, and none are used to pay overhead or other expenses. Ninety cents of every donated dollar received by War Child goes directly to programs.


Alpha by First Name ...

BIGRED COYOTE:  High School Teacher, Sage, Apprentice Bard.  He brings a great passion for stories to his presence on the SL grid.

CALEDONIA SKYTOWER loves language, music, and stories of all kinds, regardless of their source: theatre, poetry, literature, traditional telling. Story Staff of the Seanchai Library, Manager/Producer of Stories Unlimited Subscriber Group and StoryFest Event Group, Landscaper, Builder, "Artist."

CORWYN ALLEN is a poet and actor. He is a member of the Avatar Repertory Theater troupe and the host of Poetry on the Halfshell, an open mic for poets, Thursdays at 4pm SLT.
CRAP MARINER - Always unpredictable and irreverent, no subject is too sacred, no cow too holy for Crap not to pull it out, examine it, and bang it on the table a few times before putting it back where he found it - albeit slightly crumpled.  Long ago, he swore an oath to write a 100 word story every day until the day he died. He's not dead yet.  And no, he NEVER has opinions!

DERRY MCMAHON & BEAR SILVERSHADE bring good literature to life at the Seanchai Library.  They present a wide range of stories from the classics to chick lit; including science fiction, fantasy and food stories.  Watch for their gallery shows, as they are quite addicted to SL Photography.

DUBHNA RHIADRA Doov-na (It's Irish).  Where else but in SL can a Blackfoot elven celt find a home?  I'm a wild woman of the woods, a storyteller, a dancer,or a pixie who'll drop twigs in your hair and run away giggling. Both of these are me: Elf and Pixie: you may see me as either.  Founder and co-director of Independent Ballet Company.

JOFF FASSNACHT is a well established presence in the Virtual Theatre Scene, having performed with the former SL Shakespeare Company, and Coventry University.  Joff is a company member of the Avatar Repertory Theater, and may be most recently remembered for his performance in the title role of ART’s Oedipus Rex, and as “Humpty Dumpty” in Through the Looking Glass. For more on Joff, visit his Actor Bio page at the ART Website:
LUDO MERIT came to Second Life to develop a role playing game, but she keeps getting distracted by things like Shakespeare, acting, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, other roleplay, and all sorts of fun. She is a JOAT, Jill Of All Trades, master of fun.

LYCANTHIA WOLFHUNTER Writer, guerrilla  poet, creator, folklorist, storyteller, mythographer  and eternal student.

MADAME THESPIAN UNDERHILL (a charter member of SL since 2002) has been working in virtual theater since 2008, beginning with the SL Shakespeare Company in HAMLET and TWELFTH NIGHT.  Since 2009 she has been a member of the Avatar Repertory Theater Company performing and/or directing in THE TEMPEST, SHAKESPEARE AT THE PAVILION, 13 OBJECTS, OEDIPUS REX, THE VIRTUAL SHORT PLAY BUFFET, ALICE IN WONDERSLAND, ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS,  and many Friday Night A.R.T. Plays Around pieces.  Also with A.R.T. she was involved in virtual theater demos for the 2010 SLCC Convention, the Virtual World Best Practices in Education 2010 event and two different years for the SLBirthday events.
SL Machinimas includeToxic Menges' "Little Red Riding Hood" and Phaylen Fairchild's "DIVAS" series (season II, episode 4) as the voice of Onyxia.

KLANNEX NORTHMEAD.  Pirate Neko Poet against Bad Things.

SINGH ALBATROS (Chris Mooney-Singh’s) recent poetry collection: ‘The Bearded Chameleon’ (2011) explores cultural adoption as a convert to Sikhism. ‘The Laughing Buddha Cab Company’ (2007) looks at Asia through a series of taxi rides. His fiction has appeared in ‘The Best of South-East Asian Erotica’, ‘The Best of Singapore Erotica’, ‘Love and Lust in Singapore’ and ‘Crime Search: Singapore’. Two short plays were produced for the Singapore Short and Sweet festival in 2008 and 2009. He is presently a post-graduate research scholar at Monash University, Melbourne. He has been in world as Singh Albatros for nearly 3 years and since then a part of the literary scene here. He recites and sings his poetry and has just completed a ‘psychic realist’ novel set in Singapore.

Friday, August 10, 2012

One Week Till BARD '12 !!

Klannex Northmead returns to BARD '12
 The Festival Stage has been mopped down, the players are queing up, and it's just over a week till we celebrate the Bard of Avon on the sandy shores of Mango in the Fruit Islands.  (Our friend the breaching whale is still there!  "Hey Ishmael!"  and Yorrick the Peacock too! )

Corwyn Allen warms up the crowd at last year's Festival

We've got a fun, diverse company of players for this year's event!

  • Saturday, August 18th – 3pm to 4:30pm: Kayden Oconnell, Madame Thespian Underhill & Joff Fassnacht, BigRed Coyote, Dubhna Rhiadra, Lycanthia Wolfhunter, Crap Mariner, Corwyn Allen, Klannex Northmead. Singh Albatros, and Caledonia Skytower

  • Sunday, August 19th – Noon to 1:30pm: Bear Silvershade & Derry McMahon, Crap Mariner, Corwyn Allen, Klannex Northmead, Ludo Merit, and Caledonia Skytower
All times SLT and everything subject to change.

The Preliminary Schedule will be posted by the end of the virutal day on Monday, August 13th.
Dust off your Beach Blankie and get out the picnic basket!  Be ready to let the Bard Times Roll!

A vew from the Inner Above of our Festival Stage - NO SPITTING!