Saturday, November 17, 2012


WORKING SCHEDULE: Updated 12.20.12
(Subject to Change - this is a document in progress - All times SLT)

Friday, December 14th - Opening Day - @ 2:00pm: Caledonia Skytower with The Opening Story!

Saturday, December 15th  - @5:00pm: Avatar Repertory Theatre presentation, adapted by Ada Radius (with Singing!) RESCHEDULED DO TO SIM CRASH - See Below
Sunday, December 16th - No planned events as of yet ... "doors open" for everyone to look about.

Monday, December 17th - Stave One ~ Marley's Ghost
                                    @ Noon: with Ixmal Supermarine
                                    @ 4:00pm: with Corwyn Allen

Tuesday, December 18th -  Stave Two ~ The First of Three Spirits
                                    @ Noon: with Dubhna Rhiadra
                                    @ 5:00pm: with Brokali

Wednesday, December 19th - Stave Three ~ The Second of Three Spirits
                                    @ Noon: with  Ixmal Supermarine
                                    @ 5:00pm: with Kayden Oconnell

Thursday, December 20th - Stave Four ~ The Last of The Spirits
                                    @ Noon: with Dubhna Rhiadra
                                    @ 3:30pm: Avatar Repertory Theatre presentation (rescheduled)

Friday, December 21st - Stave Five ~ The End of It
                                    @ Noon: with Elrik Merlin
                                    @ 4:00pm: with Caledonia Skytower (Staves Four & Five together)
                                    (Possible later reading by Caledonia)

Saturday, December 22nd - OTHER DICKENS! TBA
Sunday, December 23rd - @3pm: Caledonia Skytower (120 minutes- 1st half of novella)

Monday, December 24th - @3pm: Caledonia Skytower (120 minutes- 2nd half of novella)

Tuesday, December 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY

Wednesday, December 26th - OTHER DICKENS!
                                    @ 10am: Caledonia Skytower & Elegia Underwood with Oliver Twist & David Copperfield
                                    @ Noon: Klannex Northmead with a selection from Little Dorrit
                                    @ 2pm: Dubhna Rhiadra with a selection from the Ghost Stories of Charles Dickens
                                    @ 4pm: Caledonia Skytower with a selection from Great Expectations

Thursday, December 27th - Closing Day - "Alternate Versions Presentations"
Under Construction . . .

The facade of Scrooge & Marley's

Inside the Bookseller's Shop with stairs leading up to the gallery level

The "Yet To Come" Gate in Progress

Gallery level installed almost all the way around, ready to be finished and roofed.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

"TDP" Site Secured - Schedule Preliminaries

We Have a Home!  The Community Virtual Library has generously given us a huge plot on Info Island:  a rough footprint of about 50m x90m and over three times the prims we were seeking for the beta version of this project!  Thank you Abbey Zenith and the CVL!

Buzz has begun as various performers begin considering how they might participate.  We have begun a very preliminary schedule with the first few bookings into it, as well as some "wish for" possibilities.  Interested in presenting?  Interested in one of the "Wish Fors"? Inspired with an idea of your own?   Contact Caledonia Skytower by notecard in world.

(Note: anything in italics is NOT set in stone)

Friday, December 14th - Opening Day
Saturday, December 15th - TBD: A.R.T. Partnership Presentation** 
Sunday, December 16th - TBD: A.R.T. Partnership Presentation**

Monday, December 17th - Celebrate Stave One... A Visit from Marley's Ghost*
Tuesday, December 18th - Celebrate Stave Two... Christmas Past*
Wednesday, December 19th - Celebrate Stave Three... Christmas Present*
Thursday, December 20th - Celebrate Stave Four... Christmas Yet to Come*
Friday, December 21st - Celebrate Stave Five ... Scrooge Awake!*
Saturday, December 22nd - 
Sunday, December 23rd - @4pm: Caledonia Skytower (90 minutes- 1st half of novella)

Monday, December 24th - @4pm: Caledonia Skytower (90 minutes- 2nd half of novella)
Tuesday, December 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY
Wednesday, December 26th -
Thursday, December 27th - Closing Day - "Alternate Versions Presentations"

* ~ "Wish Fors" - A great day for presentations, solo or in groups, of that particular stave of the novella schedulable anytime from 9am -9pm SLT

** ~ Once, not both days . . .(no way we would be THAT lucky!) pending confirmation and pending agreement with the Avatar Repertory Theater Company.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

ANNOUNCING: The Dickens Project!

We are in the waning months of the Dickens Bicentenary Year of celebration, and what better way to wrap up that year than with a tribute to his masterwork A Christmas Carol.  StoryFest Events will be launching The Dickens Project as just such a tribute. 

Sponsored by Stories Unlimited! and the Community Virtual Library, The Dickens Project will be an interactive environment for the presentation of A Christmas Carol which will be open to presentations of that work in whole, part, or adapted (as long as it is true to the original story) beginning December 14th through December 26th.  On December 27th, the last day of the Project, the venue will be open to "alternate version" presentations and tributes to the classic.

Any and all voice performers in Second Life are welcomed.  Presentations may be solo, duets, or larger groups of voices.  They must be live and in voice.  StoryFest Events will take care of booking time slots and promoting (though presenters are encouraged to promote through any avenues that have as well) and having our finger on ban/eject when needed. The Dickens Project will be located in Info Island in the Community Virtual Library Estate, and tips to benefit the CVL will be encouraged.  More about tipping later.

Here is the approximate Project Timeline ....
  • Dec 5 - Deadline for Presenter Requests
  • Dec 1 to 13 - install components of the environment
  • Dec 10 to 13 - Make available for presenter preview
  • Dec 14 - Opening Day
  • Dec 27 - Alternate Versions Day, and then it all goes Ba-Bye!
Interested?  Apply to Caledonia Skytower by notecard in world for a presenter slot by December 5th.  Be sure to include the times and dates you would prefer to perform.

We hope that this year's project will be well recceived well enough for it to be a beta test of a more expanded project in December 2013 ... Lord and the Lindens willing.