Sunday, October 2, 2011

BOOFest Day #2 - Sunday

At the Storytelling Circle

10:00am - Pipsqueak Albatros TBA
~ talented actress Pipsqueak Albatross shares spooky, scary storiesto start off Day #2 of BOOFest.


11:00am - The Evil Desire Machines 
of Dr. Shin
~ with Lycanthia Wolfhunter
A macabre tale of clockwork, necrophilia and twisted revenge ... steampunk meets De Sade.
Warning contains descriptions of a sexual sadism.

Noon - Ghost Stories from Edith Wharton

~ with Dubhna Rhiadra

Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Edith Wharton was also designer, short story author, and knew a thing or two about ghost stories.  Dubhna shares scary tales from this classic late ninteenth century literary voice.

1:00pm - True Ghost Stories from San Antonio

~ with Big Red Coyote

La LLorona, A southwest folk tell, every town village and settlement has a variation on the story of the crying woman at every stream, creek and river in Texas.  The Dancing Devil also a well known and often told folk tale of when the devil comes to a party.  Concluding with Sister Angelina's Stories from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX the spirits that have been seen walking the halls of the university. 

1:30pm - Ray Bradbury's The Murderer

~ with Gyro Muggins

In Bradbury's 1953 classic tale, a convict is interviewed by a psychiatrist.  His crime?  He murdered his house.  It's strange, funny and subtly scary.

3:00pm - Scary Stories from Cale's Stack

~ with Caledonia Skytower

This time of year the reading stack on Caledonia's desk swells to near skyscraper height with authors as diverse as Joseph Sheridal LeFanu, Robert D, San Souci, Neil Gaiman, and Maurice Walsh.  What will she grab from that stack of spookable matter?  Will Sadie the Cat help choose?

4:00pm - Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado

~ with Alvestra Karu

Jealousy, pride,  and madness all mix together into a horrific stew as Poe's tale wine and revenge weaves through the catacombs of classic macabre fiction.

4:30pm -  A Diva Scorned

~ with Freda Frostbite 
Author Stephanie Mesler (aka Freda Frostbite) has penned an original tale to conclude or two days of BOOFest.  For those that remember Ermengarde the Expansive from last Spring's StoryFest know that you are in for a treat with a new tale from this delightful author.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

BOOFest Day #1 - Saturday

At the Grand Circle 

Noon - Christina Rosetti's Goblin Market 
~ with Dubhna Rhiadra, Caledonia Skytower, and Shandon Loring 
Goblin Market (composed in April 1859 and published in 1862) is a poem with overtly sexual overtones which explores temptation, through the experiences of two sisters with elusive and supernatural Goblin men.

12:30pm - The Cat-Dogs  
 by Susan Price ~ with Shandon Loring 
 They're not exactly dogs. They're not really cats. They have teeth like a dog's and claws like a cat's. They're the perfect combination of two of our best-loved pets. There's only one problem: Cat-Dogs love to hunt. Humans.

 1:30pm - The Red-Haired Ghost 
~ with Aoife Lorefield and Derry McMahon 
 The Red-Haired Ghost is from A Book of Ghosts by S. Baring-Gould. Isn't it interesting how red-heads can be troublemakers even from beyond the grave.  Subtitled "A Wife's Story" and presented in voice by two gifted storytellers.


2:00pm - The Oval Portrait & Shadow 
by E.A.Poe along with selected poems ~ with Corwyn Allen 
The Oval Portrait is one of Poe's shortest short stories, concerning disturbing circumstances around a portrait hanging in a chateau. Shadow is a parable written by Poe which beings ominously by quoting the Psalm of David: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death.

2:30pm - Spooooky 100 Word Stories 
with Crap Mariner 
Irascible, irrepressable, and always unexpected . . . Crap Mariner brings his unique views on the world around him into elegant brevity, with stunning results.  If he can make peanut butter seem twisted, imagine what he can do if he really TRIES to be spooky!

3:00pm - The Mournful Cry of Owls  
by Christopher Golden ~ with Lilia Quinnell
Christopher Golden's The Mournful Cry of Owls tells the strange tale of a mother who, on her daughter's birthday, must explain the strange truth of the girl's ancestry.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Wow!  We have a great bunch of new and familiar presenters we have for our "little ghost story weekend" with a marvelous assortment of stories to share around our blazing autumnal fires at lovely, evocative Bran. 

All sessions will be in voice. The event is free. All times SLT.

This schedule, and may be subject to revision up until the day the festival begins and when the unexpected inevitably happens.

At the Grand Circle
  • Noon - Christina Rosetti's Goblin Market ~ with Dubhna Rhiadra, Caledonia Skytower, and Shandon Loring
  • 12:30pm - The Cat-Dogs  ~ with Shandon Loring
  • 1:30pm - The Red-Haired Ghost ~ with Aoife Lorefield and Derry McMahon
  • 2:00pm - The Oval Portrait & Shadow by E.A.Poe ~ with Corwyn Allen
  • 2:30pm - Spooooky 100 Word Stories ~ with Crap Mariner
  • 3:00pm - The Mournful Cry of Owls by Christopher Golden ~with Lilia Quinnell

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2 - 10am to 2pm & 3pm to 5pm SLT

At the Storytelling Circle
  • 10:00am - TBA ~ with Pipsqueak Albatros
  • 11:00am - The Evil Desire Machines of Dr. Shin ~ with Lycanthia Woolfhunter (NOTE:  Extreme Adult Content)
  • Noon - Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton ~ with Dubhna Rhiadra
  • 1:00pm - True Ghost Stories from San Antonio  ~ with BigRed Coyote
  • 1:30pm - The Murderer by Ray Bradbury ~ with Gyro Muggins 
    • 3:00pm - From my Stack ~ with Caledonia Skytower
    • 4:00pm - Thr Cask of Amontillado by E.A.Poe ~ with Alvestra Karu
    • 4:30pm - A Diva Scorned ~ with Freda Frostbite

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    One Week Till the Deadline for BOOFest - September 17th

    One week remains till the September 17th Deadline . . . To date the following presenters have weighed in to participate in BOOFest:

    ~ Pipsqueak Albatros
    ~ Corwyn Allen
    ~ Freda Frostbite
    ~ Shandon Loring
    ~ Derry McMahon & Aoife Lorefield
    ~ Crap Mariner
    ~ Dubhna Rhiadra
    ~ Caledonia Skytower
    ~ Lycanthia Wolfhunter

    BOOFest is a partnership between the Bran Arts Center, Seanchai Library, and the StoryFest Events Group.  Our goal is to present two days of ghosty-ghouly stories best told around a crackling autumnal fire and presented in a variety of methods:  Traditional Telling, Literature, Theatre, etc. 


    Saturday, October 1 and Sunday, October 2 at “Here Be Pictsies!” in Bran.

    Saturday,October 1:
    •    Noon to 4pm

    Sunday, October 2:
    •    10am to 2pm & 3pm to 5pm

    Anyone who is currently presenting stories in Second Life in any manner that is a live performance.  Presentations should fit within 30 or 60 minute performance slots, and be presentable in live Voice.  Some limited performance slots for more elaborate presentations are possible.  No stream will be available for individual performers. 

    There will be a resource area near the Landing Zone where guests attending can click on an image you provide and receive notecard information about you, where and when they can find you on the grid, freebie giveaways if you want . . . whatever.  This is designed to help you promote what you do beyond the festival, and hopefully draw new audiences to your story events (and cut down on the amount of time and prims it would take to set this up at individual venues).

    Contact Caledonia Skytower or Dubhna Rhiadra via notecard by September 17th.  Please be sure to include the length of slot you are interested in, some reference to what and where you currently present on the grid, what you intend to present at StoryFest, and any technical needs you might hope for (prims needed etc.). PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: No Stream will be available for individual presenters.

    The StoryFest performances will be confirmed by September 25th, and the final schedule published at that time.

    The organizers reserve the right to review the performers submitting and accept those performances & performers that they feel best fit the goals of the festival.

    Monday, August 22, 2011

    TIME TO STEP UP! BOOFest is Nigh!

    In six weeks it will be time to gather round the crackling fire as the air begins to crisp with Autumn, and tell ghosty-ghouly tales.  We'll gather round the fires at Bran, where we held StoryFest in March.  Those interested in Presenting should contact Caledonia Skytower or Dubhna Rhiadra in world by notecard.  There will be 30 and 60 minute slots available (non concurrent this time).  As with StoryFest, there will be no stream available, and limited rezzing.  Just your voice in the dark . . . Mwwwwahahahahahahahaah!

    Submissions to present will be accepted through the end of the Virtual Day on September 17th.

    Sunday, August 21, 2011

    Gallery of Favorites - BARD A Success!

    Thank You to Everyone!  It was a glorious weekend with us peaking at over 50 each performance, and a brief visit Sunday by the new LLabs Content Specialist for Arts & Culture who was AMAZED (and a fan of Shakespeare to boot)!  We equaled virtual ABBA for the amount of sim traffic created at Mango!  Mille Gracie!!!

    What do you say, the metaverse and Linden Labs willing, that we meet on the Beach again next summer? . . . Thank you Bear and Crap for all the great photos (see previous posts to link to their galleries for the full meal deal of snaps!)
    I loved the Peacock!  what did we name him?  Willy?

    Gallery of Favorites - The Players (single Shots)

    Bear Silvershade
    Derry McMahon
    Marian Dravovar
    Ada Radius
    Aoife Lorefield
    Caledonia Skytower
    Caliban Jigsaw
    Corwyn Allen
    Crap Mariner (and his amazing, delightful opening Witches scene from Macbeth!)
    Dolgo Umarov
    Klannex Northmead
    Lailu Loon
    Ludo Merit

    I couldn't choose just one - though that was my initial intent . .  too many good shots from an amazing weekend.  Thanks Bear & Crap!

    Gallery of Favorites - The Couples

    Bear Silvershade & Derry McMahon with Much Ado About Nothing
    Corwyn Allen & Ada Radius with  Hamlet
    Corwyn Allen & Lailu Loon with As You Like It
    Kayden Oconnell & Ada Radius with A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Ada Radius & Kayden Oconnell with Antony & Cleopatra
    Kayden Oconnell & Caledonia Skytower with Richard III
    Caledonia Skytower & Kayden Oconnell with Macbeth
    Marian Dragovar & Corwyn Allen with Tempest
    Shandon Loring & Caledonia Skytower with Romeo & Juliet
    All Photos by Bear Silvershade & Crap Mariner . . . see previous post for links...