Saturday, July 9, 2011

BARD ON THE VIRTUAL BEACH: Who's Participating so far . . .

DEADLINE PAST: Confirmation notecards will be sent out by August 9th requesting some additional information from participants.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm for this project!

As of August 1, 2011: 
  • Crap Mariner ~ 100W Shakespeare-related Stories, The Three Witches speech from MACBETH as a monologue, and TBA
  • Corwyn Allen ~ Three selections from HENRY V
  • Corwyn Allen & Lailu Loon ~ Act I, Scene 2 AS YOU LIKE IT
  • Corwyn Allen & Marian Dragovar ~ Act I, Scene 2 THE TEMPEST
  • Bear Silvershade & Derry McMahon ~ Selected Beatrice & Benedict scenes from MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING
  • Caledonia Skytower ~ Three of the seven great speeches from HAMLET
  • Ada Radius& Kayden O'Connell ~ A Selection from A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM  
  • Ada Radius& Corwyn Allen ~ A Selection from HAMLET 
  • Shandon Loring & Caledonia Skytower ~ Selections from ROMEO & JULIET
  • Klannex Northmead ~ Selection of Sonnets
  • Aoife Lorefield ~ Selections of "Viola" speeches from TWELFTH NIGHT and Sonnets TBA
  • Kayden O'Connell & Caledonia Skytower ~ Act I, Scn 7 & Act II, Scn II MACBETH, and Act I, Scn 2 KING RICHARD THE THIRD
  • Ada Radius & Kayden O'Connell ~ Selection from ANTONY & CLEOPATRA
  • Caliban Jigsaw ~ "Antony" from JULIUS CAESAR, "Glouster" from HENRY VI - Part 3, "Richard" from RICHARD III (and possibly RICHARD II)
  • Pipsqueak Albatross ~ Mark Antony's Eulogy speech from JULIUS CAESAR
  • Dolgoruky "Dolgo" Umarov ~ Speeches from KING LEAR, Act III & Act IV
  • Ludo Merit ~ Selections of "Katharina" from TAMING OF THE SHREW
 Please Note: the programs for the two individual (and hopefully unique) presentations of BARD will not be finalized till the participants have been finalized.  Some may not be in both presentations, and there may also be some duplication between sessions.  We just have to wait and see : )

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