Thursday, July 7, 2011

STORYFEST Announces . . . call for Actors & Performers

Here Ye, Here Ye . . . Actors, Performers, and Devotees of the Bard of Avon!

StoryFest Events, in cooperation with the Seanchai Library and Fruit Island Events is putting together a bit of classic fun in the sun with BARD ON THE VIRTUAL BEACH, and we would like to invite YOU to be a part of it . . .

WHEN: Pick one performance that fits your schedule….
              ~ Saturday, August 20th at 3:00pm (up to 90 minutes)
              ~ Sunday, August 21st at Noon (up to 90 minutes)

WHAT: Shakespeare scenes, monologues, sonnets performed in voice. Minimum of 5 minutes in length, maximum of 20 minutes. Participating performers will be required to submit a specified length of their presented pieces in advance of the Festival.  A single presentation may be solo, or include a scene with multiple actors.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: This is a festival, so keep it simple.  There will be a festival stage on Mango Beach and seating will be very casual – beach chairs, beach blankets, cushions etc.  PLEASE do not plan on sets.  A very few furniture pieces will be available to use during your performance if necessary.  Participating performers will be required to request their needs in advance of the Festival. 

Send a notecard to Caledonia Skytower by the end of the virtual day on Sunday, July 31st.  Include your name, the piece or pieces you would like to present, approximate length of the performance slot you need, and whether this is a solo performance or a presentation by a group of performers.

Details and schedule drafts will be managed through the StoryFest Events Group (if you are bringing a scene you will need to designate one from your company to be your captain & join that group temporarily to assist in communication/logistics) and through the StoryFest Blog on the web --


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