Monday, October 20, 2014


Another great festival: fabulous stories well told, great audience, wonderful cause!
After over five hours of non-stop stories (except for those brief moments of stretching and "hokey-pokeying")  Live and Learn in Kenya's Feed-A-Smile Program had 318 more meals fro kids in Kenya than they did before.

That total is kind of hard to equate, so look at it this way: if this were one child, 318 meals would mean three meals a day for 106 days, OR nearly four months!  Not bad for just telling stories, eh?

Many thanks to Branwen Arts and Seanchai Library for another great event.  Our gratitude to Brique Topaz and Live and Learn in Kenya for letting bring our madness to The Lavender Field.

And thanks to Rick Quargen for the FAB composite photos!

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