Wednesday, October 15, 2014

BOOFest This Sunday! 10am - 3:30pm SLT

The fires have been banked and the stories are being polished and ready.  BOOFest is raring to celebrate its fourth year of spooky stories shared 'round the virtual fire to raise money for good causes in the corporeal world.

This year, we will be at a Lavender Fields, on a wonderful spooky festival set created by Dubhna Rhiadra, and all donations from BOOFest will benefit Live and Learn in Kenya’s “Feed a Smile” program 

Festivities will begin at 10am SLT and conclude around 3pm (technical difficulties not withstanding) and all stories will be presented live, in voice.

All times SLT

10:00 am - Dubhna Rhiadra
10:30am - Shandon Loring
11:00am - Bhelanna Blaze
11:30am - BigRed Coyote
Noon - Dubhna & Caledonia reading works by Moon Aerandir
12:30pm - Gyro Muggins
1:00pm - Aoife
1:30pm - Corwyn Allen
2:00pm - Freda Frostbite
2:30pm - Crap Mariner
3:00pm - Caledona Skytower

(Content descriptions for each 30 minute session will be posted Friday evening, along with other schedule updates.  Stay Tuned!)

Also Benefiting Feed a Smile this weekend:

BOOSTOCK! Saturday, October 18th from. 2-5pm  
Be afraid, Be very afraid!!!  On the eve of Boofest, the Bran Estate hosts Boostock!!! music and more.

Featuring . . . .
2 pm -  Mavenn singing her halloween set. 
3 pm - Frankentinies (aka Pitter Patter Dance company) doing a truly scary horror show. 
4 pm - Songbird Sorbet, the tiny opera singer. 

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