Saturday, December 7, 2013

THE DICKENS PROJECT IS BACK! ~ December 13th through 26th

It was just a year ago that we tried out something new in celebration of the the Dickens Bicentennial of his birth.  We thought "there are celebrations all over the real world, why not in the virtual world as well?"  That was how The Dickens Project iSL was born. 

After two weeks, thousands of visitors and nearly thirty hours of live voice programming from the author's works, we decided it was too good an idea for just one year.  So we are trying it again!  Thanks to the generosity of Thinkerer Melville, this year's Dickens Project has found a home on Cookie, and will feature the next steps in the "big dream" of a totally immersive environment for the enjoyment of live readings from the vast Dickens canon of works.

In less than a week, the first presentation will mark the opening of this year's celebrations.  To whet you appetite, here is the preliminary schedule.  Check back often for updates as we countdown to opening day, as the schedule will be subject to change, even once the the Project starts.   All times SLT.


Friday, December 13th - Opening Day
  • Noon - Dickens' Christmas Short Stories - Caledonia Skytower in Dickens Square
  • 5pm - A Christmas Carol (an adaptation by Ada Radius) - Avatar Repertory Theater in Dickens Square
Sunday, December 15th
  • Noon - Other Works of Dickens: Chapter Ten from Little Dorrit "Containing the Whole Science of Government" with Klannex Northmead in Dickens Square

Monday, December 16th 
  • Stave One ~ "Marley's Ghost" at 1pm Dubhna Rhiadra & 5pm with Kayden Oconnell in Dickens Square

Tuesday, December 17th
  •  Stave Two ~ "The First of Three Spirits" at 1pm with Corwyn Allen & 6pm with Caledonia Skytower

Wednesday, December 18th
  • Stave Three ~ "The Second of Three Spirits" at 2pm with Ixmal Supermarine & 6pm with Kayden Oconnell
Thursday, December 19th 
  •  Stave Four ~ "The Last of the Spirits" at 1pm with Dubhna Rhiadra & 5pm with Corwyn Allen
  • 9pm - Dickens Late Night - Caledonia Skytower, Shandon Loring and Finn Zeddmore in Dickens Square
Friday, December 20th 
  • Stave Five  ~ "The End of It" (actually a bit of Stave Four + Five) at 1pm with Ixmal Supermarine & 5pm with Caledonia Skytower in Dickens Square
  • 9pm - Dickens Late Night - Caledonia Skytower & Kayden Oconnell in Dickens Square

 Sunday, December 22nd
  • Noon - Other Works of Dickens: Selections from Mrs. Lirriper's Legacy with Freda Frostbite
    in Dickens Square
Monday, December 23rd
  • 4pm - A Christmas Carol (Part 1) - Caledonia Skytower (possible repeat at 9pm)

Tuesday, December 24th
  • 4pm - A Christmas Carol (Part 2) - Caledonia Skytower 

Thursday, December 26th
  • Times & Titles to be Announced -  Other Works of Dickens 

Friday, December 27th - Closes 

The Dickens Project iSL 2013 is offered freely to Second Life Residents, with tips accepted to benefit War Child North America   ~ working towards a day when no child will know war.

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