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THE PLAYERS AND THE PLAYS: Bard 2013 Gets Ready to Trod The Boards!

(All times and slotting subject to revision before the event begins because, well, you know that real life happens while you are making virtual plans!)
Beginning Sunday, August 25th at Noon SLT - Pacific Time
Approximate running time: 2 Hours

Donations benefit War Child North America

~~ Scenes from The Merry Wives of Windsor (Act II, Scene 1) and King John (Act II, Scene 1):  with Ada Radius and Avajean Westland 

~~ Sonnet Break!:  with Freda Frostbite

~~ "The Duke of Bridgewater presents his interpretation of Hamlet's Soliloquy" from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn:  with BigRed Coyote 

~~ A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act II, Scene 1):  with Ada Radius and Avajean Westland

~~ The Merchant of Venice (Act I, Scene 2):  with Ada Radius and Avajean Westland

~~ The Merchant of Venice (Act I, Scene 3): with Yunus Nyn (In Spanish, English translation provided) 

~~ Sonnet Break!:  with Freda Frostbite

~~ Titus Andronicus (Act III, Scene 1): with Kayden Oconnell

~~ Hamlet (Act III, Scene 3): with Caledonia Skytower and Em Jannings

~~ As You Like It (Act III, Scene 2)"Rosalind and Orlando Make  Deal": with Bhelanna Blaze and Roberic Unplugged

~~ MacBeth (Act I, Scene 7): with Gyro Muggins

~~ Scenes from Much Ado About Nothing "How Two Wayward Wits Fall in Love":  with Caledonia Skytower and Kayden Oconnell

~~ Prospero's Epilogue from The Tempest : with Crap Mariner


Audience will be invited to shout out a random number from 1 to 154, and the panel of thespians will cold-read the corresponding sonnet.
Then, the audience will choose who performed it the best. The thespian who scores the most wins shall be... THE MASTER THESPIAN! 
(No big prize other than applause, and a whole lot of fun!)

NO Gift Shop, but we have a Snack Bar!
ADA RADIUS & AVAJEAN WESTLAND bring their considerable professional experience from FL to the virtual world as members of the Avatar Repertory Theater and in other creative projects across the grid.

This year they share a banquet of great two-handed scenes from several plays:
Merry Wives of Windsor:  Mrs. Page (AJ) and Mrs. Ford (Ada) discover that Falstaff wrote the same love letter to each, and vow to take revenge.

King John The catfight between Queen Elinor (Ada) and her daughter-in-law Constance (AJ), over whether Arthur, Constance's son, should succeed to the throne. 

Merchant of Venice: Portia (AJ) whines and old Nerissa (Ada) scolds while they talk about Portia's suitors and her father's will.

Midsummer Night's Dream:  Puck (Ada) and a Fairy (AJ) wax poetic about his exploits and talk about Oberon and Titania's quarrel. 

FREDA FROSTBITE  is Stephanie Mesler in The solid world.  A life long person of size, she shares a love of Shakespeare as this year's festival by presenting sonnets form the huge canon written by the Bard.  She is also a published author, most recently having published a book of her own poems, Soul Hill Lullabies, and a modern re-envisioning of the traditional princess story, Ermengarde the Expansive.  Her newest work, Adventures and Confessions of a Fat Lady Who Sings, is scheduled for release this fall.

BIGRED COYOTE is the Second Life  Name for a retired high school math teacher.  The Big Red part is from the First Infantry Division in which he served at Ft. Riley, Kansas.  The coyote part comes from the animal spirit traveler that has been with him since he was 15 years old.  He collects and tells coyote stories.

After 20 years in the United States Army, 10 years as a computer consultant and programmer, and 10 years as a teacher he now devotes himself to writing and telling stories.

YUNUS NYN is a writer, actor, director, and artist from the South of Spain. In Second Life (c) he is the co-founder of the TALIA Theatre Group, along with actress Malli Ansar.  In 2012 he created and performed in TRES VIRTUDES Y UN DESEO, a drama in two acts based on the adventures of three misses in the 18th Century.  He continues his work as a dramatist and performer with his work in progress CELIA Y SUS VISITAS, and has taken part in the ROUTE OF COMEDY event as well as plastic artist Noke Yuitza's TEARS IN RAIN. Amidst his many other accomplishments, he continues to work with the Brothers Alvarez Quintero as an actor and director, representing them in SANGRE GORDA, GANAS DE RENIR, and most recently in EL CUARTITO DO HORA.

 KAYDEN OCONNELL is an experienced voice and machinima actor, who also adds significant stage time in FL to his many theatrical accomplishments.  In addition to being a member of Avatar Repertory Theater, he also makes frequent appearances at the Seanchai Library in Second Life (c).  This year he will be performing singly a selection from Titus Andronicus, in addition to sharing a scenes with Caledonia Skytower (a frequent reading partner at Seanchai Library - listed separately) from Much Ado About Nothing.

EM JANNINGS is a member of Avatar Repertory Theater where he serves the company as an actor, director, adapter of scripts, and a dramaturge.  He adds to his experience on the stage virtual, and considerable wealth of knowledge and experience in FL as a scholar and teacher.  He will be sharing a scene from Hamlet with Caledonia Skytower (listed separately).

BHELANNA BLAZE: Flash Fiction Writer, Playwright, Voice Actor, Director, Dramaturge, and Founder of Cold Shot Play Readers and Cold Shot Flash & Dash for Playwrights in Second Life (c).

Current Weekly Projects in 2nd Life:
- Cold Shot Play Readers--Cold table readings of 10-minute plays & short scenes
- Cold Shot Flash & Dash for Playwrights--Dash for writers of all kinds to experience speed writing Flash plays and scenes
- Open Mic Performer of Prose Poetry & Flash Fiction at many venues in 2nd Life, including the Blue Angel Poet's Dive on Kolor
Upcoming Productions:
Open Mic Performance of her Original Flash fiction & Prose Poetry at DNA, Art & Music Fusion in 2nd Life, 9.15.2013, coming out as an eBook in FALL 2013
Other Projects:
Founder & Host of Study Buddies in SL, a weekly motivation group for writers, artists, students, and business professionals for breaking through productivity and creativity blocks.

Personal Productivity and Personal Development Coach in 2nd Life.
Follow on Twitter @BhelannaBlazeIC

Behlanna will be performing a scene from As You Like It with scene partner Roberic Unplugged (bio and photo unavailable)

GYRO MUGGINS is a frequent contributor as a member of the staff of the Seanchai Library, where he shares his enormous library of, and love for Classic Science Fiction.  But that's not all!  A steampunk inventor and irrepressible explorer, Gyro is always discovering something new, and enthusiastically learning each and every moment. It's a big metaverse out there!  So much to find out!

CRAP MARINER is best known for his 100W Stories Podcast and his Weekly Challenge. Long ago, he swore an oath to write a 100 word story every day until the day he died. He's not dead yet.Always unpredictable and irreverent, no subject is too sacred, no cow too holy for Crap not to pull it out, examine it, and bang it on the table a few times before putting it back where he found it - albeit slightly crumpled.  Yet Crap is a man of many talents, and brief writing is only one part of that.  He has been a constant supporter of StoryFest Events and the Seanchai Library, as well as many other artful endeavors in Second Life (c).  Crap tells it like it is, usually in 100 words or less.  There is Beauty in brevity!

CALEDONIA SKYTOWER is certifiably insane!  What on earth was she thinking in starting StoryFest three years ago and thinking it was just a one time thing?!  Seriously, Cale has a knack for organizing, as well as for writing and a certain skill at performing.  A twenty five (plus) year veteran theatrical designer, production manager, and producer, she has learned a thing or two about presentation over the years.  She is the staff lead at the Seanchai Library, and member of the Avatar Repertory Theater, Independent Ballet, as well as the owner of the Stories Unlimited! subscriber group and StoryFest Events. In FL she is also a budding indie author/publisher of short stories and other fiction.  You can learn more about THAT part of her life by Clicking Here.

The sun sets on a day of sand-raking preparations for BARD 2013
War Child North America is based in Toronto and is part of the War Child International network of children’s advocacy charities.  War Child’s mission is to work with war-affected communities to help children reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice. War Child takes an active role in raising public awareness around the impact of war on communities and the shared responsibility to act.
War Child's vision is for a world where no child knows war.

NOTE: Bard on the Virtual Beach is not endorsed by, nor an official representative of War Child North America .  Donations collected are made as a private donation on behalf of the event, and other similar activities in Second Life (c).  For further information, Contact Caledonia Skytower.

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