Tuesday, August 20, 2013



(All times and slotting subject to revision before the event begins because, well, you know that real life happens while you are making virtual plans!)
Beginning Sunday, August 25th at Noon SLT - Pacific Time

~~ Scenes from The Merry Wives of Windsor (Act II, Scene 1) and King John (Act II, Scene 1):  with Ada Radius and Avajean Westland 

~~ Sonnet Break!:  with Freda Frostbite

~~ "The Duke of Bridgewater presents his interpretation of Hamlet's Soliloquy" from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn:  with BigRed Coyote 

~~ A Midsummer Night's Dream (Act II, Scene 1):  with Ada Radius and Avajean Westland

~~ The Merchant of Venice (Act I, Scene 2):  with Ada Radius and Avajean Westland

~~ The Merchant of Venice (Act I, Scene 3): with Yunus Nyn (In Spanish, English translation provided) 

~~ Sonnet Break!:  with Freda Frostbite

~~ Titus Andronicus (Act III, Scene 1): with Kayden Oconnell

~~ Hamlet (Act III, Scene 3): with Caledonia Skytower and Em Jannings

~~ As You Like It (Act 3, Scene 2): with Bhelanna Blaze and Roderic Unplugged

~~ MacBeth (Act I, Scene 7): with Gyro Muggins

~~ Scenes from Much Ado About Nothing "How Two Wayward Wits Fall in Love":  with Caledonia Skytower and Kayden Oconnell

~~ Selection from The Tempest (TBA): with Crap Mariner 

All times SLT and everything subject to change. All performances in voice unless otherwise indicated.
Approximate running time: 2 Hours
The Festival takes place in a new location this year, on the scenic sands of Nowhereville Beach!

Tips from this year's BARD will benefit War Child North America
War Child strives to empower children and young people to flourish within their communities and overcome the challenges of living with, and recovering from, conflict. To achieve this, War Child works collaboratively with those communities to increase access to education, overcome the obstacles of poverty and create a protective environment for the rights of children and youth.  The ultimate goal of War Child is that someday we will live in a world where no child knows war. 

There is no obligation to tip at BARD.  It is offered freely to the SL Community.  All tips received will be forwarded to War Child through the West Of Ireland in SL, which collects and forwards donations to the charity monthly. Donations go directly to the charity, and none are used to pay overhead or other expenses. Ninety cents of every donated dollar received by War Child goes directly to programs.

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  1. The remaining dime, of course, is tossed off of a very tall building so that the kids can watch it reach terminal velocity and kill some unsuspecting passerby. (If we collect enough dimes, we might just stuff them in a gunny sack so that it'll clobber the hell out of someone's parked car.)