Sunday, October 2, 2011

BOOFest Day #2 - Sunday

At the Storytelling Circle

10:00am - Pipsqueak Albatros TBA
~ talented actress Pipsqueak Albatross shares spooky, scary storiesto start off Day #2 of BOOFest.


11:00am - The Evil Desire Machines 
of Dr. Shin
~ with Lycanthia Wolfhunter
A macabre tale of clockwork, necrophilia and twisted revenge ... steampunk meets De Sade.
Warning contains descriptions of a sexual sadism.

Noon - Ghost Stories from Edith Wharton

~ with Dubhna Rhiadra

Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Edith Wharton was also designer, short story author, and knew a thing or two about ghost stories.  Dubhna shares scary tales from this classic late ninteenth century literary voice.

1:00pm - True Ghost Stories from San Antonio

~ with Big Red Coyote

La LLorona, A southwest folk tell, every town village and settlement has a variation on the story of the crying woman at every stream, creek and river in Texas.  The Dancing Devil also a well known and often told folk tale of when the devil comes to a party.  Concluding with Sister Angelina's Stories from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX the spirits that have been seen walking the halls of the university. 

1:30pm - Ray Bradbury's The Murderer

~ with Gyro Muggins

In Bradbury's 1953 classic tale, a convict is interviewed by a psychiatrist.  His crime?  He murdered his house.  It's strange, funny and subtly scary.

3:00pm - Scary Stories from Cale's Stack

~ with Caledonia Skytower

This time of year the reading stack on Caledonia's desk swells to near skyscraper height with authors as diverse as Joseph Sheridal LeFanu, Robert D, San Souci, Neil Gaiman, and Maurice Walsh.  What will she grab from that stack of spookable matter?  Will Sadie the Cat help choose?

4:00pm - Edgar Allan Poe's The Cask of Amontillado

~ with Alvestra Karu

Jealousy, pride,  and madness all mix together into a horrific stew as Poe's tale wine and revenge weaves through the catacombs of classic macabre fiction.

4:30pm -  A Diva Scorned

~ with Freda Frostbite 
Author Stephanie Mesler (aka Freda Frostbite) has penned an original tale to conclude or two days of BOOFest.  For those that remember Ermengarde the Expansive from last Spring's StoryFest know that you are in for a treat with a new tale from this delightful author.

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