Sunday, October 20, 2013

COUNT DOWN: It's Coming! It's Coming in One Week!!!!!

Stranger Nightfire gracing the very first BOOFest
Here's the preliminary line up of performers  and stories for this year's festival. Times and stories subject to change. All times SLT:

10am - Lycanthia Wolfhunter, Asian Ghost Stories

11am - Bhelanna Blaze - TBA

11:30am - Kayden Oconnell selections from "All Hallows Eve"

12:00pm - Mavromichali Szondi, Jägermeister

12:30pm - Dubhna Rhiadra "Hallows Eve" by Sarah Diemer

1:30pm - Corwyn Allen selections from the Ghost Stories of Lord Dunsany

 2:30pm - Crap Mariner with Spooky 100w Stories

 3:00pm -  Freda Frostbite with a new original story "This Ones for the Gipper"

 4:00pm - Caledonia Skytower with a new original story "Her Own Words"

4:30pm - MadamThespian Underhill, Ada Radius, & Caledonia Skytower with Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart"

All presnetations live in voice.  BOOFest is free to all SL residents.  Donations accepted to benefit War Child North America 

AND THAT'S NOT ALL! . . . Saturday, October 26th Branwen Arts is hosting their Second Annual BOOStock.

Bran Estate welcomes Boofest with an evening of music and fun by some of SL's best live musicians and DJs.

All times SLT:

12 noon ~ DJ Dub playing unusual tunes in a chilling set designed by Fae Varriale.

1pm ~ Deceptions Digital playing her own original compositions of electronic music:  a mix of dubstep, minimal house, trance and ambient.

2 pm ~ Juchu aka Echo Starship.  Echo Starship plays live improvisational music with ambient, experimental and electronic elements using synths, guitar and loops inspired by Brian Eno, bvdub, Tangerine Dream etc...

3pm  ~ The Killer Waffles: Tiny tribute band playing all your fave Alice Cooper, The Dead and other tunes. Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid! 

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