Sunday, November 4, 2012

"TDP" Site Secured - Schedule Preliminaries

We Have a Home!  The Community Virtual Library has generously given us a huge plot on Info Island:  a rough footprint of about 50m x90m and over three times the prims we were seeking for the beta version of this project!  Thank you Abbey Zenith and the CVL!

Buzz has begun as various performers begin considering how they might participate.  We have begun a very preliminary schedule with the first few bookings into it, as well as some "wish for" possibilities.  Interested in presenting?  Interested in one of the "Wish Fors"? Inspired with an idea of your own?   Contact Caledonia Skytower by notecard in world.

(Note: anything in italics is NOT set in stone)

Friday, December 14th - Opening Day
Saturday, December 15th - TBD: A.R.T. Partnership Presentation** 
Sunday, December 16th - TBD: A.R.T. Partnership Presentation**

Monday, December 17th - Celebrate Stave One... A Visit from Marley's Ghost*
Tuesday, December 18th - Celebrate Stave Two... Christmas Past*
Wednesday, December 19th - Celebrate Stave Three... Christmas Present*
Thursday, December 20th - Celebrate Stave Four... Christmas Yet to Come*
Friday, December 21st - Celebrate Stave Five ... Scrooge Awake!*
Saturday, December 22nd - 
Sunday, December 23rd - @4pm: Caledonia Skytower (90 minutes- 1st half of novella)

Monday, December 24th - @4pm: Caledonia Skytower (90 minutes- 2nd half of novella)
Tuesday, December 25th - CHRISTMAS DAY
Wednesday, December 26th -
Thursday, December 27th - Closing Day - "Alternate Versions Presentations"

* ~ "Wish Fors" - A great day for presentations, solo or in groups, of that particular stave of the novella schedulable anytime from 9am -9pm SLT

** ~ Once, not both days . . .(no way we would be THAT lucky!) pending confirmation and pending agreement with the Avatar Repertory Theater Company.

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