Sunday, March 13, 2011


9:00am -- Part I: Gilgamesh with Dubhna Rhiadra & Lycanthia Wolfhunter in the Temple RuinsThe Epic of Gilgamesh: The Oldest Hero Tale in the world.  Written down in cunieform on clay tablets 4000 years ago the story feels almost modern with its concern with the meaning of life and why we die. The beautiful translation is by NK Sandars. (90 minutes)
9:30 am -- Northwind: Stories from Norwegian Folklore with Mimesis Monday in the Goblin Cave ~ Mimesis Monday gives breath to traditional stories from Norway.  Yes, you will hear about the icecold winter and strange characters of the norwegian folklore. Mimesis will tell the stories in broken english (Traditional Telling).  Mimesis Monday (aka Frigg Ragu aka Heidi Dahlsveen) is a norwegian storyteller coming from a small island in Norway. The call for telling stories she inherited from her grandfather and she has since 1996 been performing national and international as a storyteller.

10:00 am -- 100 Word Stories with Crap Mariner in the Goblin Cave ~ Crap is a man with a mission that started over five years ago: to write a 100 word story everyday for the rest of his life.  His stories range from the irreverent, the political, the absurd, and the poignant.  Always unexpected.  Always amazing what he can say in just 100 words. (60 min)              

10:30 am -- Fables with Rune Draegonne at the Storytelling Circle ~ A fable is a short, pithy animal tale, most often told or written with a moral tagged on in the form of a proverb. Join Rune for a delightful half hour of this classic form of story. (30 min) 

11:00am -- The Quiet Man with Caledonia Skytower at the Storytelling Circle ~ Sean Kelvin was a quiet, unassuming man.  The locals assumed that he did not have it in him to stand up for himself, especially against local landowner and notorious bully Big Liam O'Grady.  But when sean has a reason to stand, he stands firm.  Maurice Walsh's short story that was the inspiration for John Ford's 1951 Academy Award-winning motion picture of the same name. (60 min)

Noon -- The Lady of Stavoren with Zippora Zabelin at the Temple Ruins ~
In accordance with the theme "water" - this year's thema for World Storytelling Day  on March 20th -, Zippora Zabelin will tell a Dutch seaside fairy tale, titled "The Lady of Stavoren". It's a mixture of fiction and historical facts, in a setting of 13th century North West Europe. Come and listen to this ancient tale about a rich widow, a brave sailor and the questions of life.
(60 min) 


1:00pm -- OPENING CEREMONIES at the Grand Circle ~ The Official Opening Ceremony and dedication to World Storytelling Day followed by the Seanchai Library presentation of Grace O'Malley: Ireland's Pirate Queen (60 min)

2:00pm -- Avatar Repertory Theater with The Thin Man in the Arts Center Theater ~ One of the virtual worlds most accomplished theatrical companies brings Dashiell Hammett's 1934 detective novel, featuring the sleuthing couple Nick and Nora Charles, to life in a radio play format, complete with sound booth! (60 min)

3:00pm --  The Thief Who Stole the Guru's Horse with Singh Albatros in the Temple Ruins ~ The true and daring story of Bhai Bidi Chand - The 'Robin Hood' of the Sikhs. Set in Medieval India during the oppresssive rule of the Moghul empire, Guru Hargobind, the 6th Guru's newly purchased Arabian horses have been snatched by the Governor of Lahore on route from Aghanistan. It is up to Bhai Bidi Chand, the 'thief' of the Guru's court to do something about it.  Singh will also accompany his telling with the ancient Indian and middle Eastern musical instrument known as the rabab. A unique blend of dramatic storying-telling with a musical flavour.(60 min)

4:00pm --  Ermengarge the Expansive & Other Stories by Freda Frostbite in the Grand Circle ~ Freda Frostbite (aka Stephanie Mesler of Columbus, Ohio) is a musician and author.  Her writings, which include poetry, plays, short fiction, humor, and creative nonfiction have appeared in publications from Columbus Monthly to Skysong.   She is a mother of one teenager.  For StoryFest, she will present Ermengarde the Expansive, a fairy tale for grown-ups, A Woman's Life and Love, a story told in poem cycle, and Invisible Woman,  light erotica/romance.  (60 min)

7:00pm -- The Tale of the Oak Tree & the Red Dragon Inn with Rendal Constantineau in the Storytelling Circle ~ This ancient tale tells of a time before the world was changed, a time when Elves, Dwarves, and other creatures still walked among us, and magic filled the air.  When war turns all to dread and fear, one woman finds refuge in a magical realm, where an ancient guardian dwells in silence.  From what she fled she does not know, for even her past has abandoned her, yet from some fears and pain there is no escape.  From some destinies, one can not run or hide.

7:30pm --  Stories of Edgar Allan Poe with Rune Draegonne at the Temple Ruins ~ Rune will read from the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe.  Come and listen to the haunted adventure and suspense from this beloved dark writer.
8:00pm -- Hawai'i - Legends, Chants and Stories - Ancient and Modern with Kaikilani at the Storytelling Circle ~ Native Hawaiian Storyteller, Kaikilani, brings her experience as a weaver of tales in RL and in the vritual world to StoryFest. Her stories have taken her around the world. A trained voice, enchanting and entrancing, her tales take one to places so far away, yet are stories of who we all really are.  (60 min) 

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